Process instruction:
The PCB dismantling system includes electronic components dismantling machine and air-cleaning equipment.Through heating the PCB till the temperature raise to 230℃ the tin of the PCB start to melt. Then rotate the drum screen of the electronic components dismantling machine, the screen keeps rubbing the components off the PCB ,meanwhile the tin will drop down to the plate under the drum. Until the components and the bare board have been completely separated, start vibrating screen to separate the card slots , chips, capacitors , etc.

Few years ago ,through two-time crushing the PCB and then use gravity separator to separate the mixture powder.The purity of the final copper powder is around 85% and there is amount of metals remained in the dust also. Now using the electrostatic technology the purity of the final copper powder can reach to 98% which is strongly recommended.

Process instruction:
Put the copper powder into electrolysis plant to get pure copper sheet and anode mud. Put the sheet into intermediate furnace to get melted, then pour it into to the plate mold to get copper plate.

Advantages of our complete PCB recycling line:
1.Our carbide furnace’s heating system is installed with silicon carbide rods which has high heat utilization efficiency.And the power consumption is as 30% of the electric stove’s .
2.Our air cleaning system has multiple processing steps to remove harmful substances of the air completely.Purify the discharge air first then burn the discharge gas under the temperature of 1300℃ and purify the air again.
3.The material(plastic or stainless steel) of sewage disposal system can be customized based on the local climate and water quality to ensure the equipment reliable and no leakage.And the treated sewage water must meet the standard then discharge.
4.Our copper electrolysis plant uses the latest production technology.With the use of SCR(Silicon Controlled Rectifier) the power consumption is much less than the traditional transformer’s and less workers.The power consumption of the plant with capacity 1000kg per day is only 12 KWH.
5.The electrolytic cell is made of PP(polypropylene) which has non-toxic, tasteless , low density ,low water absorption,high strength,high severity,high hardness,excellent thermal stability,and other characteristic.
6.There will be amount of tin and nickel mixed in the recycled copper powder. They will reduce the effect and increase power consumption by the traditional method due to both of tin and nickel are chemically active metals .Hence we should remove all the active metals before feeding the powder into the electrolysis plant .This method we recommend which is more effective and environmental .
7.We have specialized refining equipment can refine the tin and nickel from the foul electrolyte which will cause no waste.
8.Our chemical method of precious metals refining system is made by our engineer with years of experience which can refine all the precious metals from the raw material completely.
9.Precious metals refining is a special technology,the secrecy is much more important than the other technology.Our whole line can achieve a fully automated production with using of programmable logic controller control.Hence only need two workers for day shift and one worker for the night shift.