How to turn “waste” into weath--the waste printed circuit board(PCB) recycling machine

The electronic printed circuit board (PCB) is the basis of electronic industrial applications,almost all of the electronic products have the existence of
the circuit board from computers, mobile phones, television sets to electronic toys and so on,.With the rapid development of electronic industry, the
demand of core components are increasing rapidly.according to relevant data, the printed circuit board industry industrial average annual growth
rate is 8.7%.On the other hand, with the progress of technology and the rapid development of information industry,the speed of the electronic
products update is quickly.At the same time,there are more and more leftover bits of the printed circuit board is left.
In e-waste, although the circuit board is difficult to recycle, there are more economic value in the electronic waste.The metal content in the printed
circuit board(PCB) is equivalent to many times of the metal content in the ordinary minerals, the content of metal more than 40%, the most is copper,
and then the gold, tin, nickel, lead, silicon etc. including rare metal, In nature, the metal content is usually only 3-5%.
Our printed circuit board(PCB) recycling machine can recycle the metal in the waste printed circuit board.It is the best way to turn “waste” into wealth.

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