The physical method of recycled printed circuit board(PCB)

           At present,the waste pcb recycling machine generally use the direct buried method, burning method, water washing and cracking,
but there are toxic substances release,always cause air and soil environment serious secondary pollution,this is not good for our
environment and our earth.The best way to recycle the waste printed circuit board(PCB) is the physical recycle methods.
The advantages of this method are less pollution to the environment,high utilization rate,future added value.The disadvantages
is high processing cost.The method is the trend of the printed circuit board(PCB) recycling.Because of its high toughness waste
circuit boards, mostly flat shape, it is difficult to make through a broken metal and nonmetal separation, and it contains material
sort is more, the separation of complex decomposition process, these characteristics determine the recycling of waste printed
circuit board has the certain difficulty.
          How to recycle the printed circuit board(PCB) is the problem need to solve.Our foctory designed the printed cricuit board(PCB)
recycling machine.It use the physical recycle method to recycle the printed circuit board(PCB).
The technology process of the e-waste recycling machine:
1.Dismantling machine,Separate the components on the boards.
2.Shredder,Shred the mother boards into pieces of 2cm*5cm size.
3.Hammer Grinder,grind the shred mother board into 20mesh powder mixture.
4.Air separator and electrostatic separation:Separate the metal and non-metal powder.
Dry type producing process and dust collector device made the whole line no pollution produced.
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