Why and How to recycle the printed circuit board(PCB)(Ⅱ)?

 This motivates some companies to disassemble these components by hand and bring them again on the market, a small but not uninteresting market segment. A far more common motivation for disassembly is the isolation of hazardous components in order to prevent them from contaminating the shredded waste. A selective separation of these components means a reduction of recovery costs for the residual fraction.

The conclusion for research must be, to look for new recycling processes which enlarge the efficiency of the known recycling processes, and for the future to look for new solutions for the recyclable interconnect devices.
These should not only imply developments in the field of recycling but also be an optimum through all other life cycle phases. The following will be an introduction in the research of new attempts in disassembling conventional PCBs and in the field of alternative materials for the 'green' interconnect device.

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