Structure and working principle of the main part of SG—1500 High Voltage Electrostatic Separator(Ⅱ)

 2.2.4 Roller brush

The roller brush is using wheel type and it is made of anti-static ,wear-resisting and heat-resisting material,it is used for removing the non-conductive material which absorbed to the roller physically and cleaning the roller to keep its conductivity.It is using key joint type to connect to the rack then it’s convenient to replace.

2.2.5 Adjustment of the material splitting boards

Considering the variety of the raw material and their falling tracks are different, the insulation board is designed as adjustable type to avoid mixing the material.The adjustable lever is on the side of the separator.

2.2.6 Electronic control(PLC/Semi-automatic

This machine is using Omron electric appliance to build the PLC system,it’s with abnormality monitoring and sound-light alarm function and Emergency Stop Switch.

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