Structure and working principle of the main part of SG—1500 High Voltage Electrostatic Separator(Ⅰ)

 Structure and working principle of the main part

2.2.1 Roller

The roller is made of #304 stainless steel.Though fining machining , electronic crack detection and dynamic balancing ,the roller has a reliable performance to avoid the radial run-out and axial clearance.With those features, the corona field will be more stable and the separation performance will guaranteed.

Considering the separation capacity and the fineness of the raw material,the roller is designed with the following parameters:dimension 400mm ,length 1500mm,Power 2.2kw.

The roller is connected to the grounding electrode.

The adjustable rotating speed of the variable-frequency and variable-speed motor is around (10-300) r/min.

2.2.2Vibration feeder

The U type ,slot type vibration feeder can avoid material over filled.

Convey the material to the vertical feeding bin then the material will be fell to the rotating roller.

2.2.3 Electrode and high voltage power supply

The electrode is using a multiple of arc type structure to create a columnar electrostatic corona,the highest working voltage of this separator is 150 kv.

The distance between the roller and the electric net is around 120mm.

The separator is equipped with circuit protection device when the circuit get voltage overload , no load or open,the power will be cut off immediately.

After shutdown ,cut off the 220v/240v power supply to reduce the electric capacity,after 30s connect to the power supply then start the separator to avoid spark.

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