The introduction of the SG—1500 High Voltage Electrostatic Separator(Ⅰ)

 1 Overview

The main usage of the SG-1500 electrostatic separator is to separate the conductive/semi-conductive material from the non conductive material.This equipment can be used in e-waste separation , mineral separation,solid waste separation,nonferrous metals recycling,plastic recycling,etc.

2 Structure features and working principle

2.1 Overall structure and working principle

   Structure diagram



1——Feeding bin  2 —— Rack         3—— Feeder        4 —— Roller brush

5——Roller      6 —— Output feeder   7—— Electric net    8——  Motor



Electrify the high voltage direct current to the electric net, a corona field between the grounding electrode(roller) and the electric net will be created and the space near to the roller will be charged.When feed the material though the feeding bin to the roller the conductive semi conductive material will be absorbed to the electric net side and the non-conductive material will be absorbed to the roller.

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