Emissions / waste products of the PCB recycling machine

 Emissions / waste products of the PCB recycling machine


Many customers are interested in e-waste recycling project.But it’s very hard to get the permission from the environmental protection department due to they don’t know what kind of emission will be produced during the process.


There are three main parts of the complete PCB recycling plant

1st PCB recycling plant with dismantling machine

The dismantling machine is equipped with air cleaning system then there is no air pollution.

The air cleaning system includes Spray tower(iron) and Active carbon adsorption tower(PP).

And the PCB separation is a dry process and also the plant is equipped with impulse dust collector


2nd Copper electrolysis plant

The only emission of this step is anode mud and the anode mud includes precious metals and rest is silicon residue.


3rd Precious metals refining equipment


The carbonation process can produce some smoke and silicon residue.

The carbide furnace is connected with air cleaning system and the silicon residue is the only emission.


The chemical process can produce some acid sewage but the sewage will be neutralized before dispatch.



First of all we only use normal chemical to process the material.

No cyanide used in our process.


About the carbonation process.

Plastic will become ash metals will still be metals and silicon is still silicon.


The level of the emission is low.


About all the emissions of the process.

Smoke will be absorbed by active carbon.

Acid will be neutralized by soda like quick lime.

Silicon residue is no harm to environment.

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