How is the waste PCB recycled by e-waste recycling machine

 The main function of E-waste recycling machine are to recycle the copper powder and resin powders from the waste print circuit board(PCB).By the special construction of the PCB,if we can recycle the waste PCB in a right way.It can earned himself a income and protect the environment.

Through constant innovation and improvement,our E-waste recycling machine get the best separation,purity can reach 99%.
The technology process of the e-waste recycling machine:
1.Dismantling machine,Separate the components on the boards.
2.Shredder,Shred the mother boards into pieces of 2cm*5cm size.
3.Hammer Grinder,grind the shred mother board into 20mesh powder mixture.
4.Air separator and electrostatic separation:Separate the metal and non-metal powder.
Dry type producing process and dust collector device made the whole line no pollution produced.
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