How to choose the type of the circuit board recycling equipment

            The characteristics of Electronic waste are large number, harm,high potential value.It is the important measures to protect the environment that recycle the electronic waste,it can reduce the number of waste .It is an important content of circular economy.Foreign experience has shown that the number of rare metal with in electronic waste less, difficult to refine but the value is high,so recycling waste electric and electronic products, and by renewable resources, can not only saving energy, recycling costs will also be much lower than directly from the ore smelting raw material, processing way of access to resources.Circuit board recycling equipment is e-waste recycling equipment,it promote the normal development of the electronic industry in the world,and protect our environment.
            The Circuit board recycling equipment can obvious separate copper plastic mixture particles, metal and nonmetal,conductor and non-conductor.The success of the circuit board recycling equipment research and development not only improve the quality of the recovery of copper, and prevent the secondary pollution.This production line processing of waste printed circuit board recycling adopt secondary crushing, making it a metal fiber and resin powder mixture;Then through the air and electrostatic separation metal and resin separation process is obtained.To prevent dust pollution in the process of machining, plus pulse dust removal device after air separation process, effectively solve the dust pollution problem.The Circuit board recycling equipment, low energy consumption, low noise, high output, no dust and environmentally friendly.According to the different materials, can choose to use different electrostatic separator specifications.Our Company can produce single roller, double rollers, four rollers and rollers with electrostatic separator, according to customer requirements of material extraction, purity, yield component, can be customized various types of circuit board recycling equipment.
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