How to recycle the precious metal from computer parts

As we all know there are many kinds of metals in the computer circuit boards.For example copper,gold,silver,nickel,etc.How to recycle the precious metal from the computer parts is the problem you want to know.Now we will introduce the precious metal recycled from the mother board.
First,put the mother board to the gold deplating cell remove the gild,and then use the dismantling machine we can get the PM(precious metal) components.Then we use the carbide furnace and grinder made in our factory to get the metal residue,next use the magnetic separator separate the Fe and Ni.And input the dilute sulphuric acid to the residue,we can get the gold and silver residue and copper solution.For the residue,input the Nitric acid get the silver solution and the gold residue input the aqua regia then Reduction to get gold.For the copper solution we use the electrolytic copper to get the copper in the mother board.
This is the simple introduce of the method,For more details,please feel free to contact our sales manager Mr.Andy Wang

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