Shuguang circuit board recycling equipment Provide places for electronic waste

            Popular in modern times, such a words: "the garbage today is tomorrow's mine".In recent years, with the popularity of high-tech electronic products in various fields, especially the electronic such as mobile phones, computers and televisions upgrading of acceleration,large Numbers of electronic waste are product.According to the report, in the electronic waste,the gold production per of one ton waste electronic is 17 times that of gold,40 times copper content of copper.There are hundreds of millions of tons of electronic waste in the world every year,like a giant "urban mining".At present, in terms of electronic waste treatment and recycling,The circuit board recycling equipment of shuguang machinery factory , advanced technology, high purity,and solved the difficult problem of electronic waste cannot be recycled.
            The shuguang circuit board recycling equipment use the dry physical separation technology, to completely separate the metal and nonmetal in circuit board, is to realize the waste electronic waste into a powerful weapon.Waste electronic products recycling in the world is very urgent,the shuguang circuit board recycling equipment combined with foreign advanced experience,to provide the high quality equipment for the customers,at the same time pay more attention to the change of equipment material and separation effect,the circuit board recycling equipment to actively support and participate in old e-waste recycling and reusing resources, for electronic waste provides a good place to go.
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