Delhi 500kg/h PCB recycling machine

The PCB recycling equipment is established in 2014

【Raw material】: computer board,motherboard


With the development of the Internet,the science and technology in India has a rapid development.There are many PCB(printed circuit board) can be used as the e-waste raw material.In order to recycle the e waste and make sure it do not pollute the environment.Benefit from the introduction of Indian customers,our company gradually expand the Indian market.In 2014,we establish the PCB recycling equipment for our consumer in Delhi.

The customer first know us from the communicating with our sales manager through the e-mail in the early,our sales manager introduce our company and put forward the reasonable solution by combining with the asmatteroffact of the consumer.After the communication on the Internet,we warmly invited them to our company in Gongyi city of Henan province,and had deeply communication about the project. Finally we signed the contract by many rounds of talks. Few months later,the equipment established,transported,installed and started to run.

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