Impulse dust catcher

 Simple structure industrail Pulse jet blowing bag filter

Our impulse dust catcher uses the electromagnetic pulse valve for dedusting.In the room temperature,it is extensively applied to separate the air and dust,as well as used for the materials cycling.

The impulse dust catcher includes the parts like boxes,dust discharging device,impulse deashing device,as well as the control system.The upper box is comprised of the openable cover,plate,pulse valve,and the air purification chamber.The middle box consists of the sleeve,frame,bag cage,as well as the inlet and outlet air duct.In addition,the lower box covers upright,ash bucket,pulse controller,and the access door.The dust discharging device of the catcher comes with the parts like motor,reducer,screw conveyer or air conveying chute,and the air-locking cinder valve.The control system includes the control cabinet.

Product's introduction:
Our DMC square pulse blowing bag dust extractor has many advantages such as high dedusting efficiency, big air flow, stable performance, easy operation and maintance. It also has a good soot cleaning effect, small dimension, small occupation of land and large application area. The dust is not easily accumulated on our dust extractor so it has a good dedusting effect.

Applied ranges:
Our DMC bag dust extractor is usually applied in grain, forage, metallurgical chemical industry, building materials, pharmaceutical and other industries. It can not only dedust the waste dust but also recycle the useful granule.

1. Filtering area is 18~90 m²
2. Working temperature is no higher than 120 centigrade
3. The quantity of filter bag is 24~120 pieces and its specification is F120*2000
4. The particle concentration is less than 15 gram per cubic meters
5. We have passed ISO 9001:2008, and we can provide OEM Service and Design Service, we can also design and manufacture the products according to the customer 

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