Electronic components dismantling machine

The PCB dismantling system includes electronic components dismantling machine and air-cleaning equipment.

【Raw material】: Computer boards, Radio boards, Cellphone boards, AC boards,etc.
【Capacity】: 300-500kg/h

The computer boards ,radio boards,TV boards,etc. can be processed directly by dismantling machine.
Compare to manual dismantling,this machine is easier operation,automatic and the performance will be more effective.

Working principle:
Through heating the PCB till the temperature raise to 230℃ the tin of the PCB start to melt. Then rotate the drum screen of the electronic components dismantling machine, the screen keeps rubbing the components off the PCB,meanwhile the tin will drop down to the plate under the drum. Until the components and the bare board have been completely separated, start vibrating screen to separate the card slots , chips, capacitors , etc.
The exhaust gas will be sucked & disposed by air-cleaning equipment.

Electronic components dismantling machine

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